These resources are intended to provide practical information as well as potentially inspirational ideas.

Support for Mind, Body & Spirit

Katherine Zorensky is a Womb Shaman and Embodiment Guide, author of The Soul’s Guide to Birthing and creator of The Living Tantra podcast. Katherine guides women and men into the source of our authentic power at the center of our human life.

Adam Gainsburg facilitates individuals and groups at the leading edge of human inner transformation. Adam’s Heart & Shadow sessions are an invitation to courageously embrace our full-spectrum humanity: light and dark, Identity and Essence, temporal and infinite.

Dr. Cynthia Miller is a pathbreaker co-creating a new reality. Her map for Conscious Multidimensional Evolution shifts our personal and global framework from fear and suffering into safety, awakening consciousness, and love.

Elena Salazar is a shaman working with Heart intelligence to guide and empower her clients. Her practice may include the use of entheogens, light language and/or developing our inner guidance network to access authentic healing and wisdom. 

New Earth

These links will (hopefully) provide some interesting viewpoints. The work of these individuals crosses political barriers, daring to re-imagine social, medical and economic systems that foster the creativity and resourcefulness of its citizenry!

Robert Kennedy, Jr., Independent political candidate

Dr. Tom Cowan, founder of The New Biology and author of Human Heart, Cosmic Heart

Bitcoin for Beginners YouTube series, Andreas Antonopoulos
Well-articulated lectures about Bitcoin and Blockchain from an early adapter

Practical Self-reliance: A blog that helps people find practical ways to become more self-reliant.  

Taboo Topics: transformation, Death, independent news sources

Wetiko: Healing the Mind-Virus That Plagues Our World, Paul Levy

Catherine Austin Fitts, The Solari Report

Stephen Jenkinson, Culture activist, teacher, author

Whitney Webb, independent investigative journalist


Web Design & Development, Yelena German (designer of this website)

Ode to the Great Mother, by Filiz Telek

Collage artistry @justanthology on Twitter

Poetry of Mary Oliver, David White

Books by Martin Prechtel

Blueprint Reports and Portraits by Halla Makarem

The musical genius of Boe Huntress


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