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7-20-2024 webinar: empowering self-care

This live webinar will cover the Cancer Lunar cycle of July 2024, focusing on the roles of the bright star, Sirius, Ceres in Capricorn squaring the Moon’s nodes, the Full Moon’s near occultation of Pluto, and Venus conjoining Vesta in Leo for their first and only conjunction of this Leo Venus Cycle. There is also a ‘surprise guest’ influencing this lunation, to be revealed in the webinar!

playing as I AM: eris course and 2025 kenya retreat

Journey with Andrea into the Heart of Eris’ Emergence as one of the main Avatars/Wisdom Bodies of our collective Human Evolution through a 10 month Course and optional retreat in Kenya in June of 2025.

Course start date: September 22, 2024 (Libra equinox) with 9 monthly meetings in community at every ingress of Sun into a new sign (i.e., October 22, November 21, December 21, etc.).

to inquire, email

fuller feminine journeys

Andrea Michelle is holding several small groups of no more than 5 women to journey together through the Venus Leo Cycle! Each group (pod) is 10 sessions each and are ongoing  (they will commence in spiral style throughout the Venus cycle). Please email us to inquire and receive the PDF with all details.   

Testimony from a current Journeyer:

Andrea is an adept at holding space for feminine transformation. Through her personal practice lens of self-honesty, self-compassion, right timing and humility we receive her transmission and make it our own… .  

We are an intimate group of 5 women in discovery mode with Andrea at the helm, illuminating our way through her deep presence, wisdom intelligence and open heart, while she too participates along side us in her/our ongoing becoming. We are “alone, together” as Andrea so beautifully describes it, in service to collective evolution through the personal. ~ Eliza B.



sky astrology conference 3

The original Sky Astrology Conference in 2015 focused on and was under a Venus-Mars conjunction, so we decided on a SAC Refrain for 2024. Tybee Island, Georgia will give us an opportunity to view the morning conjunction in the dark skies over the Atlantic Ocean! We’ll have sky viewing sessions in the evening as well.

Classroom teachings will cover all the various components: Andrea Michelle Haeckel on the Venus heliacal cycle, Adam Gainsburg on the Mars heliacal cycle, Gary P Caton on the Venus-Mars synodic cycle and Julene Louis on the relevant stars and nakshatras. You can read teacher bios and more on the teachings here.

These conferences are more intimate that the larger ones and space is limited!

the discovery series: goddess discovery chart webinars

Enjoy a fresh, timely and relevant perspective on the four main asteroid goddesses (Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno & Vesta) through exploration of their discovery charts. Without the input of the discovery charts we could get endlessly lost in all the iterations of each myth, which may be interesting for our minds but offers nothing for our embodiment.

Knowledge of the myths is not necessary, though some familiarity is helpful.

the aries ingress chart: crossing the divide

Ingress is the term for when a planet enters a new sign, in this case the Sun entering Aries. This ingress heralds the first season of Spring in the Northern and Fall in the Southern hemispheres, respectively.

Cardinal Ingress charts provide glimpses into the season’s main themes. This Aries ingress has Ceres opposite the Sun at 0 Libra, Pluto at 29 Capricorn, Mercury near cazimi,  Venus with the North Node and Juno, about to cross the ecliptic from S to N latitude, and a still rogue, out-of-bounds Mars near the bright star, Betelgeuse. 

Come join Andrea Michelle for this FREE webinar on March 19, when she will share her thoughts on what’s being initiated in and through us in language accessible to non-astrologers as well as those well-versed in astrology!

register by emailing us at

pluto & the lunar nodes

A 12-week course on the Soul’s Desire & the Evolution of Identity framed through natal Pluto and the Lunar Nodes. (based on the work of Adam Gainsburg from The Soul’s Desire & the Evolution of Identity)


unleashing the Ch(e)art's desire

Level Up Your Delineation Skills with the FUNDAMENTALS & FINE-TUNING Courses!

These courses are for those with some astrology knowledge who are interested in fine-tuning their practice.

Forming relationship with the immediacy of a planet’s visibility, speed, latitude, motion, sky appearance and Earth proximity tunes us to the greater cosmic orchestra and connects us with the ancient skywatching traditions. Incorporating some or all of these Cosmic Components in concert with the natal chart will impart greater nuance and breadth to your delineations.

mars retrograde in gemini webinar with the C*I*A

Please email us to inquire about the recording.

The astrology of 2022 is fast and, in many ways, furious. Mars’ retrograde through Gemini is no exception, and there are indications this period will act as an accelerated time capsule to – paradoxically – reframe our whole concept of Time. 

The period of October 29, 2022 to January 11, 2023 will either precipitate further separation and isolation initiated by government and special interest groups, or be a call to courageously self-initiate alongside others to become a new hologram of Humans Being, Together. The asteroid goddesses play a major role in this unfolding timeline, acting as mediators and bridges of intra-psychic functions, thereby midwifing reconnection of inner/outer, self/other.


Eris and Chiron are seemingly irreconcilable archetypes: one the Warrior Goddess of Discord, the other a gentle mentor and emblem of our Sacred Wound. 

This workshop will explore each archetype in their unconscious and conscious expressions as well as how even the most discordant energies are reconcilable as we bridge the schism between head & heart.


According to some astrologers, Venus represents the Feminine principle within us – women AND men equally. We’ll encounter many shades of the Feminine in this circle; how it manifests in our individual life and collective reality. We will discuss, learn, evoke and create, discovering through our minds and hearts where human evolution is headed through the Feminine lens of Gemini Consciousness over the next 19 months.

We meet every 4 weeks online.

please contact us for more information


When Venus and Mars come together on July 13th, we have an opportunity to soften the boundaries between Love and Strife in our deep hearts. In this collaborative journey, Andrea Michelle and Womb Shaman, Katherine Zorensky invite us to loosen the framework of our inner narratives and establish ourselves in our own ground of Power in order to live the union of “heaven and earth.”

All calls will be recorded for those who cannot attend live. These group activations are a potent and safe support to your individual journey in conscious embodiment at a very auspicious time. 


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