These resources are intended to provide practical information as well as potentially inspirational ideas.

Support for Mind, Body & Spirit

Anything that reconnects us with our wild, free and joyful nature is top of this list.

Sea Change Project, co founded by Craig Foster of My Octopus Teacher, works to protect biodiversity on our planet, starting with the Great African Sea Forest. 

The dwindling biodiversity of the planet is mirrored in the dwindling biodiversity of the human psyche; so much of the crippling fear, anxiety and depression at this time in human history is a result of the lack of connection to our instinctual, joy-inducing Intelligence, which can only be accessed in the liminal and wild shadows of the human unconscious.


The Starfish Classes are run by Jeremy Parise, an actor in the Bay Area with a huge heart and playful spirit. There’s nothing like moving through the fear of being seen, fear of difficult emotions, and the fear of spontaneity like an acting class! Held in a warm and welcoming container, this class is for those courageously wanting to move beyond the anxiety-producing constraints and limitations of social and ancestral conditioning and live from more of their depth and their truth. The bonus of doing this in community allows us to feel the support of others and support them in turn. It fosters what connects us while also accentuating what makes us unique.

No prior acting experience necessary.

New Earth

These links will (hopefully) provide some interesting viewpoints. The work of these individuals crosses political barriers, daring to re-imagine social, medical and economic systems that foster the creativity and resourcefulness of its citizenry!

Robert Kennedy, Jr., Independent political candidate

Dr. Tom Cowan, founder of The New Biology and author of Human Heart, Cosmic Heart

Bitcoin for Beginners YouTube series, Andreas Antonopoulos
Well-articulated lectures about Bitcoin and Blockchain from an early adapter

Practical Self-reliance: A blog that helps people find practical ways to become more self-reliant.  

Taboo Topics: transformation, Death, independent news sources

Wetiko: Healing the Mind-Virus That Plagues Our World, Paul Levy

Catherine Austin Fitts, The Solari Report

Stephen Jenkinson, Culture activist, teacher, author

Whitney Webb, independent investigative journalist


Web Design & Development, Yelena German (designer of this website)

Ode to the Great Mother, by Filiz Telek

Collage artistry @justanthology on Twitter

Poetry of Mary Oliver, David White

Books by Martin Prechtel

Blueprint Reports and Portraits by Halla Makarem

The musical genius of Boe Huntress


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