Meet Andrea

With a profound connection to the cosmos and a unique approach to astrology, Andrea Michelle supports clients to live courageously from their Soul-steeped Self. Drawing inspiration from her intimacy with myth, tantra, shamanism, and esoteric wisdom streams, Andrea has a gift of illuminating your unique facet within the crystal of human Being.

She’s presented for the Sky Astrology Conference, the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, and was also a teacher for Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle in 2022 (and will be again in 2024). She’s a popular, regularly featured guest on the world’s leading astrology podcast (the Astrology Hub podcast), and is noted for her fresh, empowering work with the asteroid goddesses.

In 2024 Andrea Michelle completed a 12-year apprenticeship that has broadened her capacity to love deeply, respect mutually, and empathize fully with herself and all her kin: plant, animal, mineral and human, alike.


~ Marilyn MK

You are such a gift. Your subtle voice resonance expressing gentleness with this juicy passion squishing about so effortlessly in class. You are wonderful. And it echoes within all of us as you orchestrate our collective knowing field, thank you.

~ Lara P

Last nights class was mind blowing, so much deep alignment both personal and transpersonal. I joined this circle after a reading with _____ when he said he really wanted me to find a learning space that could meet my natural gifts and capacity...I've gotten so much more than I bargained for.

~ Debbie A

There was something about the space you created, to allow in - ideas, voices, different aspects of the feminine - that was truly 'different.' There was an invitational spaciousness that is not easy to hold but you are willing to go there and to offer it.

~ Linda F

I can’t express how fortunate we are of having you in our lives. Much Love!

~ Maddie K

I just want to acknowledge this Deep Grace presence from you that grounds and holds Venus circle with Love & Precision on So many Levels!!

~ Toni A

I am so truly grateful for this space you have so generously offered and created. It is an absolute blessing to be in such a safe, gentle, powerful and loving space to share the nuances of the varied experiences during this intensely evocative time.

~ Diana V

You are such a lovely, gentle soul. You have a gift for holding a sacred safe space, and that's the essence of the feminine energy.

~ Eliza B

What a beautiful group of people gathered and your leadership/container holder presence is such a gift.


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Andrea Michelle