progressions & transits


60-minute session (includes recordings) 

Progressions & Transits Reading is useful to get a sense of upcoming shifts, changes, opportunities, and openings to meet them in a conscious way. Planetary/asteroid movements and new aspects encountered through secondary progressions invite a new facet of experience within the realm of the planets involved. Progressions often evoke more subtle responses within the soma-psyche which require a measure of dedicated attention to manifest their gifts. 

Major, long-lasting transits of the social and transpersonal planets (e.g., Pluto over the natal Moon, Uranus opposite natal Mercury, Saturn Return) can generate psychic, emotional, and even physical discomfort lasting a greater span of time. 


Recommended for those who would like to meet the evolutionary invitations of specific progressions and/or transits for the development of self-mastery. We suss out the potential challenges and empowered choices one can make in facing these deeper initiatory thresholds. 

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