Juno (or Hera in the Greek) with her companion animal, the peacock. Juno was the wife of Jupiter (Zeus in the Greek).

On November 29 the asteroid Juno, goddess of relationships, joined with the Sun and Moon at 7 Sagittarius to begin a new lunar cycle. This meeting took place very near the bright red star, Antares–the Heart of the Scorpion, the Shaman. We’ve encountered Antares several times this year already: both Mars and Saturn met up with Antares earlier this year. Mars began his retrograde on Antares in April, while Saturn stationed direct on Antares August 13. Then Mars and Saturn met up on Antares August 24 — a lot of activity in this one area of the sky!

In brief, Antares signifies the deep alchemy of the heart, treacherous only for the grasping ego which — for all the good it does do for us — can equally prevent us from opening to wider horizons by stubbornly clinging to our personal history, our false safety. Juno is an expression of our devotion to relationship of all kinds, and her collusion with the Sun, Moon and Antares at the Moon’s most fertile hour is supplicating our heart’s devotion to re-member the intimate relationship of our solar and lunar selves. Our ability to cultivate wisdom and influence is in direct proportion to our capacity to care for ourselves and others while keeping healthy boundaries. It’s also a potent reminder that the search for our truth (Sagittarius) is as much a journey inward toward deeper embodiment/immanence as an outward one.

The influence of Antares on Mars and Saturn can be volatile when dissociated from the body, fueling the cauldron of radical beliefs and self-righteousness, and polarizing the Masculine and Feminine even further. Alchemy can only take place within the heart, and alchemy is TRANSMUTATION–the Feminine mode of transformation. Juno at this New Moon, then, is an envoy of Venus — our heart’s feeling nature — providing an opening to engage the feminine wisdom of our body, the container for the alchemy which we are called to participate in now.

Below is an excerpt from Adam Gainsburg’s The Light of Venus, summarizing the deeper calling of Venus in her Remembering & Embodiment Phase.

Remembering & Embodiment Phase1 Summary:
Heroine’s Journey: The Queen of Heaven and Earth strengthens her material presence and explores Her growing influence on the world.
Collective Theme: Exploring our re-made feminine intention; maturing our feminine destiny.
Personal Dharma: Integrating personal transformations in tangible ways which engender or catalyze shared actions toward an improved society.

When the Moon meets up with Venus on 12/3 (visible in the evening sky on 12/2) they are both in Capricorn, the sign of the Sea-Goat. The image of a goat partly immersed in water harkens to Capricorn’s polarity, Cancer, the natural home of the Moon. In Capricorn the structures which create our cultural, political and social institutions are currently up for renewal as evidenced the world over. The Brexit vote, the crumbling economies of Greece and Venezuela, the refugee crisis and eternal wars in the Middle East are but a few examples. Then there is the trajectory of real estate mogul cum reality-TV star and now President-Elect of the United States Donald Trump, which speaks for itself. The Feminine is seeking equal representation in matters of law, community, political leadership and knows the value of the fundamental resources important to all life (e.g. Water = Life). The ego (Moon) — rather than being an enemy we need to destroy — is the direct link to what makes us fundamentally human.

On December 3 Venus is below both the ecliptic and the Moon. We may be more likely to be influenced by collective currents and consensus demonstrations of solidarity which may or may not be aligned with how we are uniquely wired to form and nurture relationships or demonstrate our leadership. Perhaps we will be inclined not to reveal our true feelings to others and to exert our influence outside the spotlight yet still wish to be recognized for our contributions. Venus and the Moon here may also have us reconsider what we see and experience at face-value: are we jumping to conclusions and believing everything we see and hear without question? How much self-reflection are we able to afford ourselves?

Some ways in which this energy may manifest:

  • Obsession with clinging to old forms and insistence that outside institutions/people are meant to resolve the ills of society. This can be at any level of life, be it government, work, home/family. This can also manifest as maintaining a strong polarization between Right versus Wrong
  • Disillusionment turning into victimization and blaming. Depressive and condescending tendencies; imperiousness, elitism; fighting against vs. fighting for
  • Elevating group results, genuine care or support for others, deeper alignment with one’s feeling nature, an envigorated sensuality and mature self-ownership, far-reaching wisdom2  
  • Making a donation to support an organization or cause one believes in (behind the scenes) or alternately, feeling compelled to support a cause without discernment

Myth and story — regardless of the culture we grew up in — explore universal themes and offer reminders of how to journey with integrity and find inspiration in the least likely places and seemingly darkest times. Another manifestation of Capricorn energy when applied wisely is patience: patience with ourselves, our loved ones and neighbors; patience to allow right-timing to arise from our hearts rather than our heads. Myths and stories are not meant to take us further out and escape from our lives, but provide allegory which can be applied in life, both on the personal and collective stages.

To that end, a quote from a beloved wise elder:

Many who’ve lived deserved death; some that died deserve life….can you give it to them, Frodo? Do not be too eager to deal out death and judgement — even the very wise cannot see all ends. ~ Gandalf to Frodo, The Lord of the Rings

1 discover which of Venus’ 13 Phases you were born into in The Light of Venus: Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future, by Adam Gainsburg

2 adapted from Appendix 6 in The Light of Venus