The Discovery Series: Asteroid Goddess Discovery Charts

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Enjoy a fresh, timely and relevant perspective on the four main asteroid goddesses (Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno & Vesta) through exploration of their discovery charts. Knowledge of the myths is not necessary, though some familiarity is helpful.

  • A la carte option to purchase one or more at a time, or all four at once (purchasing all 4 at once automatically includes the Eris discovery chart video & slides)
    • Eris discovery chart delineation available only with full package purchase
  • Each recording runs approximately between 75-90 minutes in length
  • Each download contains a video (MP4) and slide deck (PDF) of the presentation(s)
  • Download immediately upon completion of purchase (please download to a laptop or computer)


The asteroid goddesses are slowly becoming more popular in astrological delineation, including the main four (which are the topic of these webinars), along with the Transneptunian Kuiper belt ones, such as Haumea, Sedna, Makemake, and others. This infusion of the feminine is a breath of fresh air in a historically masculine-dominated astrological pantheon. The Greek/Roman goddess asteroids/dwarf planets are especially multivalent in their histories, often originating in matriarchal cultures before their myths were altered and subsumed into the emergent patriarchal ones.

With so many different and often divergent myths for these goddesses, how are we to know which ones to pay attention to? Do we pick and choose those which most closely suit our preferred narrative? This can be slippery territory, and do more to steer us away from what’s being called forward than bring us closer. This is where the importance of the DISCOVERY CHART comes in (a discovery chart is akin to a birth chart, in the sense that it marks the first documented sighting of a celestial body, which equates to its ‘birth’ into human consciousness. [The extent to which we are available for them or not is another matter entirely.]

This series of delineations of the four main asteroid goddess discovery charts (Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno, Vesta) is in service to streamlining the myths surrounding each goddess to most accurately pinpoint the current developmental focus of these goddesses in our collective psyche.

Each recording includes:

  • Date, location and individual credited for discovery
  • Key historical events during discovery year for context
  • A brief description of keywords for the goddess along with her devotional qualities
  • Chart delineation, looking primarily to:
    • the lunar nodes & their rulers
    • Ascendant and its ruler
    • Venus’ Phase at time of asteroid’s discovery
    • delineation is peppered with aspects of their myths
  • Participant questions and insights


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Ceres, Pallas Athena, Juno, Vesta, All Four

3 reviews for The Discovery Series: Asteroid Goddess Discovery Charts

  1. Amy Jensen

    I’m just about 20 minutes into the Ceres recording and I have to tell you how much ALL of these goddesses are landing with me! Basically, thank you for this series! You are blowing my mind and affirming my heart (and gut 😉)!

  2. Carolina Fernandez

    Im resonating so very deeply with your work Andrea Michelle + it’s delightful, insightful + so so inspirational to be in your space – thank you thank you. And I am finding the goddess discovery charts SO potent. I feel this DEVOTIONAL space of inviting + connecting with each of them as you have so beautifully put together is so perfectly fitting.

  3. Lynn Lockner

    I’m blown away again. I love it so much, the space that you create is sacred and has such stillness to hold us and lead us into this new time that we are entering as a collective…I’m so, so, grateful, you have such a gift. I love the way you teach…thank you for following your bliss to create this sacred teaching temple of deep enrichment and expansion . . . to learn and to re-member.

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