A conversation with Amanda Walsh of Astrology Hub on the unmistakable influences of dwarf planet Eris and Wounded Healer Chiron on the lunar nodes' journey through the Aries-Libra axis.

Conversation with Embodiment Shaman Katherine Zorensky on polarity through an astrological and tantric lens.

Speaking about the dwarf planet Eris in our collective psyche, using the discovery chart to illustrate her significance and evolutionary invitation.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction with Andrea Michelle: Mysticism Revealed

Interview with Cassandra Eve of Whole Woman to inaugurate her Conscious Conversations Series.


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The New Moon, Venus, Juno and Devotion

THE NEW MOON, VENUS, JUNO AND DEVOTION Juno (or Hera in the Greek) with her companion animal, the peacock. Juno was the wife of Jupiter (Zeus in the Greek). On November 29 the asteroid Juno, goddess of relationships, joined with the Sun and Moon at 7 Sagittarius to begin a new lunar cycle. This meeting […]


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