A Personalized Journey is an option for those wanting to deepen with an intentional container of 5 or more sessions to evoke and inhabit a specific planet/asteroid/KBO. 

Pricing: 1:1 journey sessions are $169 per session for (5) 60-min sessions ($845)

Email after purchase to schedule your session dates. 




These Journeys are designed to support your understanding of and develop a relationship with the purest drives and broadest potentials of the specific natal planet, asteroid, or KBO (Kuiper Belt Object) of your choosing. It is recommended to work with a planet/asteroid whose significations are less familiar though at least somewhat prominent, as this is where self-mastery may be best honed and actualized. If you don’t know which one to choose, we can look at your natal chart together to see where to begin. There will be room for non-linear, spontaneous exploration as well – whatever best supports the organic process of deepening a relationship with(in) yourSelf.



“She abides, seated in the vajrāsana within a blaze of wisdom light,
As the very embodiment of all buddhas and bodhisattvas.”
Excerpt from a Tibetan Buddhist deity sadhana (practice)



Why focus on one planet/asteroid?

Many ancient lineages and traditions have understood the wisdom of ‘apprenticing’ to a specific deity/deva for a solid period of time to develop a deep and full relationship with it (which is really an aspect of our own Mind or wisdom body). In Tibetan Buddhism this is called a yidam practice; within the South American shamanic traditions, it is known as a dieta. Due to the holographic nature of reality, fully devoting our (loving) attention to a singular aspect, lens, or frequency by definition opens us into a relationship with our wholeness!

One of the greatest benefits of this type of consistent commitment to oneself is the gradual exposure of any psychic structures that have been suppressing this unique intelligence stream. Gaining awareness is the first step; voluntarily building our capacity to meet these outdated structures heart-first is what composts them into the soil of a new octave of Being.


What is included in this session package (below is a general template; this is customized according to each individual’s desire and what is alive at the start of each session):
  1. a personalized video of the movement of this planet/asteroid throughout its entire Sun cycle (with the backdrop of the living sky) to contextualize your birth moment and offer a fascinating visual experience of *your* unique place within the unfolding of this larger evolutionary process;
  2. a blending of the natal chart significations with its heliacal phase (position within its Sun cycle) to finetune an understanding of its larger purpose*;
  3. a look at where its support systems are – including its polarity position – to assist in its return to a balanced, holistic expression;
  4. a look at your natal Venus Phase or Mars Phase to see how this planet/asteroid is in service to the greater fulfillment of your unique Feminine/Masculine Dharma (purpose)
  5. “playtime,” where you get to put this planet on center stage and feel its qualities and longings, needs, wants, and desires and discover where it even ‘lives’ within your body;
  6. co-created gentle guidelines or prompts to foster your unique living expression of this planet/asteroid in your life!

*Understanding which planets in your chart are more inherently oriented for
initiating, discovering, building, and discriminating and which ones are about responding, manifesting, partnering, and delegating distinguishes our deeper drives and can elicit a profound inner recalibration, igniting a fresh sense of purpose.


I am filled with deep gratitude for the Devotional Journey with Ceres guided by Andrea Michelle. This experience is far more than a typical astrological reading. It was a transformational journey that opened my mind, heart and body to deeper layers of wisdom, gnosis and love. Andrea Michelle held the space with exquisite care, skill and grace. Her connection to, and understanding of the cosmos is truly exceptional. And she shares with such humility, generosity and presence. Through this journey, Andrea Michelle guided me through a personalised and organic unveiling and homecoming.  I now have a deeper knowing, understanding, and embodiment of the initiatory wisdom of Ceres. I highly recommend this devotional path for anyone seeking a deep and embodied experience of coming into closer communion with one’s heart-centered Being.  ~Kathleen C.



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