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Session packages are an option for those wanting to co-create an intentional container of 3 or more sessions to evoke and inhabit a unique natal or progressed signature, or an upcoming transit. There will be room for non-linear, spontaneous exploration as well – whatever best supports the organic process of deepening relationship with(in) yourSelf.

Pricing: $507 for (3) 60-min sessions at $169 each (includes recordings). If you prefer to create a package with more than 3 sessions, click here to add additional single sessions to your cart as you desire. For packages in multiples of 3, simply change the quantity below to reflect your desired number before check out (e.g., for a series of 6 sessions, choose a quantity of 2; for 9 sessions, a quantity of 3, etc.).  



Potential reasons to work together in this way:

  • an upcoming transit feels daunting (Pluto over Moon, Saturn over Ascendant, etc.); we suss out the evolutionary invitation of this transit, including the potential challenges and empowered choices you can make in facing these deeper initiatory thresholds
  • an old story keeps playing itself out; we look to where that signature lives in your chart, map out the context within which the story was formed and discern your indigenous path to greater choice and sovereignty
  • you are embarking on a new project/relationship/career/orientation and would like to lovingly meet your blind spots and habits of self-sabotage to ensure a more successful outcome
  • you wish to cultivate your inner devotion to living more of what/who you are, creating space to sink into what (will) bring(s) you truly alive (see also personalized journey


Get in touch to discuss the facet(s) of your chart (aka yourself) you wish to immerse yourself in and Andrea will structure a container in which to venture safely to unveil the initiations and treasures that await you there. 


Email before purchase if you’d like to set up a complementary 15 minute exploratory call. Email us after purchase to schedule your session dates. 


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