2023~2025 Leo Venus Calendar~The Fuller Feminine


A new Venus Cycle began August 13, 2023, invoking our conscious participation now in the evolution of our collective Femininity through the Leo mysteries.

This calendar is a collaborative effort with astrologer Adam Gainsburg. Using Adam’s 13 Venus Phases and their Archetypal, Collective and Personal significations as the backbone, the calendar also highlights the four main dwarf planet/asteroids between Mars and Jupiter (Vesta, Pallas Athena, Ceres and Juno) and their influence in supporting our broader Feminine unfolding at this crucial time.

Your download includes the calendar (55-page PDF), a video of Venus’s movement throughout the Leo cycle (MP4) and SkyShots of each Venus-Moon conjunction – 20 in total (PNG).

  • Download immediately available with purchase confirmation email
  • Upgrade options of
    • additional SkyShots of Venus-Asteroid conjunctions + special Venus-Star-Planet conjunctions (with calendar or on their own)
    • as of 4/15/2024, full price calendar includes BONUS video ($37 value) from the third Sky Astrology Conference (Feb 2024) delineating the profound significations of this Leo Venus Cycle with the inclusion of the Living Sky (87 min., MP4)


Every Venus cycle reminds and invites us into a fuller relationship with All That We Are – our light and our dark – so that we may discover where we are ready to Love beyond our current self-definitions and worldviews.

This particular Venus Cycle began August 13, 2023 and completes March 22, 2025. This 19-month period of time is invoking in each of us the breadth and depth of embodied Leo Consciousness through:

  • Making direct, vulnerable contact with those places inside in which we are most contracted, shut off, and/or contorting our natural desire to Love and Be Love(d).
  • Getting honest with where we are over-inflating, self-aggrandizing, and/or demanding that others acknowledge our special needs… all as a distortion of where we are not yet standing in our own sovereign self.


  • Video showing celestial backdrop of Venus’ movement throughout the Leo Cycle, with prominent stars highlighted
  • General delineations and sky factors for each of Venus’ 13 Phases (based on Adam’s seminal work, The Light of Venus)
  • Venus’ major sky movements and meet-ups with select stars and her movements along the ecliptic and equatorial planes
  • Sky Factors for Venus and all asteroid goddesses
  • All conjunctions between Venus and the four main asteroid goddesses (Vesta, Pallas Athena, Ceres and Juno, and a couple with dwarf planet Eris)
  • All conjunctions between Venus and the Moon
  • All conjunctions between each asteroid goddess and the Moon
  • Adam’s extensive delineations of this specific Leo Cycle, based on Venus’ unique astronomical positions at key points through the Cycle along with descriptions of the Leo archetype and shadow from his The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness.
  • An appendix devoted to the 4 main asteroid goddesses describing their fundamental attributes and gifts. You’ll discover some interesting astrological/astronomical facts about each within this cycle, and how they are each contributing to ‘filling us into’ our Fuller Feminine. *Juno, especially, is the most significant foil/mirror for us in this Cycle.
  • Suggested meditations and koans timed to specific events to invite the Sky experience into our body


Purchase separately or included with the full calendar – a video presented at the third Sky Astrology Conference in February 2024 showing each of the 13 phases of the Leo Venus cycle within the context of the Sky. We receive a broader and more holographic snapshot of any celestial phenomenon when we incorporate the visible reality of the Sky in our assessment of its significance. This Leo Venus cycle perfectly illustrates this via Venus’ travels throughout the cycle from one Phase through the next. It’s the next best thing to sky watching!


sample page from Leo Venus Cycle calendar


sample excerpt from Leo Venus Cycle calendar  – Leo Themes 


still from Leo Venus Cycle video 


sample Skyshot of Venus-Moon near-occultation with Juno, September 5, 2024



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